Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden

In Honolulu Hawaii born and raised
In the White House I spent most of my days
Wielding clout, reigning, asserting my rule
Trying to find a way to cut the cost of fuel
When a Terrorist named Osama was hiding real good
Forgot to be as sneaky as he should
I told some special ops that they need to prepare
And said "Go to Pakistan and put him in your cross hair"

I called a press conference and when it came near
The network preempted Trump and made his show disappear
Donald cried fouled and said the timing wasn't fair
I told Trump to suck it, and to fix his damn hair!

I finished my speech hoping the world was a little safer
Then I asked God to tell Osama "Enjoy hell mother fucker!"
I went back to my office to Republican's despair
To enjoy my second term in the Oval Office chair


  1. lol... dude, too much time on your hands :P

  2. Nice job, is it your own?

  3. You are author of it? Nice one

  4. I laughed pretty hard at this. I probably shouldn't have.

  5. oh man, that was hilarious :) I don't think many people will get it though^^

  6. Very good, This is quite funny.